You are currently viewing Passarani DJset on IFM. Friday 24/06/22 now on Soundcloud

Passarani DJset on IFM. Friday 24/06/22 now on Soundcloud

It’s Friday night and there’s nothing better than a journey through techno. This mix blends 90s sounds with 2020s sounds, to prove that we’re dancing to a universal language, born in Detroit and evolved everywhere else, changing shapes and forms but preserving the original D.N.A. Time is just relative. Enjoy on Soundcloud now!


Here’s the tracklist:


MK “Mirror Mirror”

Edward Norton “Melodram”

R-Tyme “R-Theme”

Rydm Sector “Sensuality”

Code 6 “Quad I”

Passarani “Katra’s Groove”

Underground Resistance “Gamma Ray”

MK “Decay”

Manakinz “Mystic Throbber”

Frank De Wulf “Moribund”

Hardway Bros “Early Nineties”

Octave One “I Believe”

LFO “Freeze”

ES-Q “No Go Zone”

F.U.S.E. “Refused”

Lost Trax “Surface Treated”

FaltyDL “New Lover”

Trip Commando “House Music’s Not Dead (JVA Mix)”

Marc Romboy “Stalker”

Cyborg Unknown “Year 2001 (In The Beginning)”

The Abstract Eye “Y’All Are A Bit Much”

Ectomorph “Satori”

The Golden Filter “All The Way In”

Anthony Rother “Describe Reality”

Liebknecht “Reykjavik”

Aux 88 “Break It Down” 

The Exaltics “Want You”

Dopplereffekt “Superior Race”

Jeff Mills “Kat Race” 

Octal Industries “Timelaps”

Reload “Peschi”

Kettama “Anniversary”

Brain Pilot “C.N.S.”

DAWL “Let’s Go”

Phoenicia “Somory”

Autechre “Slip”

µ-Ziq “4 Time Egg”

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