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Passarani – The Wildlife Of The Quieter Ones


A1Albuquerque Arcade Retreat
A2Theme from F.F.O.M.
A3Sacramento Balls
A4Dial 101
B1Gravitational Lane
B2Serenity Alley
B4Storm 90
C1Requiem I
C2Complex Beta
C4Rays Of Thunder
D1Red Flying Kites
D2Never Ending Scrolling
D3The 6th Day
D4Strawberry Strings

Passarani debuts on Aus with his sixth studio album, The Wildlife Of The Quieter Ones. Marco’s discography boasts releases on Libertine, Running Back, Peacefrog and Numbers, the diversity between each label show his versatility as as a producer, he’s seamlessly moved with the times and glides through each era with a zesty take on a timeless sound, his credentials speak for themselves and here you see a well seasoned producer at the top of his game.

Formats: 2×12″ + digital