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Tiger & Woods – On The Green Again


B1Ginger & Fred
C1Come And Get My Lovin’
C2Endless Affair
D2Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

The Tiger is back – finally on full length again! The second studio album for Tiger & Woods not only marks a desired return to a specific format, but is also a huge leap forward in their area of expertise: their brand of fun and functional dance music gets broadened by influences from electronica, italo disco and up-tempo house, while keeping a groove that is distinctly linked to what some people refer to as boogie.

After travelling the world from left to right and from top to bottom with a live-set to boot and skilful DJ sets that resemble that genre melting approach, “On The Green Again” is the result of spending valuable studio time at the “Tiger’s Lair” – a carefully-built new work place that plays its own part in the creative process of one of the most prolific production teams of our days, while simultaneously starting T&W Records for all sorts of adventures that are linked to Tiger & Woods, but not narrowed to a specific sound. See “Unleashed Tapes Vol. 1” for further reference. A double A-sided 12-inch that owes as much to disco as an influence as it pays homage to the funkier and brighter sides of house and techno.

Honing a craft that is rooted in edit culture as an ethos, but has since long left that bumpy road dependable on samples and their clearance, T&W make “On The Green Again” work as the second album that defies the difficulty usually attached to such ventures.

10 brand-new tracks (and three previously released bonus tracks on the CD version) make up the course between peak-time prime cuts similar to “RockMeLoveMe” or “Come And Get My Lovin” and an almost heart-aching track like “Endless Affair”.
Mixed with bits and pieces in-between and neatly placed between a classic intro and outro segment, those tracks are testament to that aforementioned wider scope.

To put it in a nutshell, “On The Green Again” is not concerned with leaving a comfort zone, but with making you comfortable no matter which zone you are in.
The only mystery that is left now, is how long we have to wait for the third one.

Format: 12″ + digital