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Tiger & Woods – Playing For Extras


A1Fake U
A2Do It Do Me
B1Silly Little Games feat. ‘EM
B2Wild Stream

When it rains, it pours! Which is a good thing, if the soil is dry. The second return of Tiger & Woods in almost no time falls on fertile ground. After DJs on Film has been eagerly embraced, they keep the ingredients, but change the dishes. Consummate and catchy, sweeping and simple DJ music with a penchant for hooks and hits.

Silly Little Games (also featuring long-time collaborator ’EM) evokes the rescue of an unreleased Editainment reel with a hidden new beat feel. Wild Stream is the sort of shattered mirror ball that came out of Shake Shakiest studio and Claude Young would have needed two copies off, while Fake U and Do It to Me are eternal classics Again: No samples were harmed during the filming of this record!

Format: 12″ + digital